Pending Projects  

Institute of Engineers of India (IEI)

Scheme: Research Aid Grant

Title: Smart Agriculture weed Cleaning cum seed Sowing Machine 

         for Smart farming Multifunctional Safety Headgear using 

         Artificial Intelligence 

Innovators (PI):

PI       : Bosubabu Sambana

Co-PI : Dr. Priyanka Mishra 

Cost: Rs. 42,000 /- (Forty Thousand Rupees Only)

Status: Applied 

Defence Research and Developmemt Organization (DRDO)

Scheme: ER &IPR

Title: Security with  Artificial Intelligence 


(PI)   :       Bosubabu Sambana

(Co- PI) :  Dr. Priyanka Mishra 


Cost: Rs. 50,60,000 /- (Fifty Lakhs Sixty Thousand Rupees Only)

Status: Under Process 

Digital Medicine