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Intelligent Autonomous Rechargable Power Storage with Water Resistance Walkable Shoe

Artificial Intelligence approach to Single Platform Multi Targets Self-Driven Missile with Autonomous Guiding System

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An Autonomous Early Detection analysis of User Drowsiness through Facial Recognition using Artificial Intelligence

Patent Number: 2021104681 

Filing Date - 28 July 2021

A Novel Method of Big Data Retrieval System using Machine Learning 

Patent Number: 2021100011  (FA/3608/CHE/2020/ F25/3527/2020/CHE) 

Filing Date - 02 January 2021

International / Worldwide

Virtual Brain Cloning: Telepathic Data Communications with virtual reality holographic projections using Artificial Intelligence 

International Patent Application No:  PCT/IN2020/050560  RO IN - Indian Patent Office | Date: 28 Jun 2020  22:23 IST  | Indian Patent Number: 202041017007 | Date: 20-4-2020| ISA India Search Report given | International Publication: 01.July 2021

Internet Protocol version 16 (IPv16) 

International Patent Application No:  PCT/IN2021/050893 , RO/IN - Indian Patent Office | Date: 10 Septmber 2021  22:23 IST  | Indian Patent Number: 202141039287  | Date: 30-08-2021 | ISA India Search Report pending  | International Publication: Septmber 2022

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