Nowadays we are all living very busy with scheduled time on every task to perform in our lives, the processing time plays a critical role in this every task, and all manual and systematic operations are performed through smart devices including day starting to the ending point of time, we are all literally depending on technological applications with an effective way, Smart Technologies play a very cumbersome role on every second in our continuously updated useful AI Technologies.
In this paper, we proposed a new system to the implementation for a user-friendly environment in order to encourage IoT-enhanced Intelligent Guided Systems for Smart Cities in the smartest way to communicate with multiple channels under a unique roof, by saving them time spent during traveling periods, user can easily spend their time comfortably, with live tracking and a user wants to know current area live News and pollution statistics, including weather condition and Air Quality indexing along with future predictions. Additionally, we are also providing a facility to find out nearby user-desired places like Movie Theatres, Banks, Hotels, Fuel Stations, Police Stations, Financial and Shopping places, Medical and Healthcare, and theft detection along with an Intelligent Smart Parking system applying techniques of Artificial Intelligence.
Blockchain technology has gained significant awareness in current days through improved curiosity inside numerous various fields, including the Space Industry. Blockchain offers a secure, distributed database that can operate without a central authority or administrator. Blockchain uses a distributed, peer-to-peer network to make a continuous, growing list of ordered records called blocks to form a digital ledger with smart contracts.
Each transaction, represented in a cryptographically signed block, is then automatically validated by the network itself. Blockchain has also garnered interest as a platform to improve the authenticity and transparency of space communications data through many use cases, from maintaining permissions in space communication records to streamlining claims processing. In this paper, we describe the basics of blockchain and illustrate current and future applications of this technology within the space industry.
E-Governance is the outgrowth of the endeavors made by the administrations to improve relations with their residents. On the off chance that specific conditions are satisfied, the legitimate estimation of electronic exchanges will be proportional to that of different types of correspondence, for example, the composed structure. To ensure E-Governance ventures there is a requirement for data security best practices. Security policies, practices and techniques must be set up just as the usage of security innovation, which help to ensure e-Government frameworks against assault, distinguish strange exercises administrations and to have a demonstrated emergency course of action set up. Essential elements are to have a legitimate public key foundation giving required degree of verification and uprightness and furthermore to have constant mindfulness and preparing a project to guarantee individuals comprehend security dangers, realize how to recognize possible issues and act as needs be to keep up a safe e-Government administration. This paper extends its goals for the order of client networks for Governance and commitment of every network in Cybersecurity advancing the Governance with Information and Communication Technology as a contextual analysis
E-Government tasks are expanding with resident interest for opportune and financially savvy administrations. Security-related with singular frameworks is like numerous online business arrangements. The range of control of e-government and its effect over a network characterizes a framework that is in excess of a total of simply single frameworks. To test security issues over the whole framework requires another strategy for investigation, a network-based digital security work out. Results from late network-based activities have given knowledge into chances to progress and have exhibited the estimation of these occasions.

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.33522.63688  

Internet of things is a technology that encounters various remote monitoring and controlling of devices, which is connected to it wirelessly and here the concepts of wireless sensors networks and Ethernet protocols are made of use.  This research paper mainly concerns its application towards agricultural and Irrigational activities such a soil moisture monitoring and water pressure monitoring and soil testing along with Protection against trespassing with motion detentions and conservation of energy. 
This paper implementation holds division of systems into multiple to one of which is the main system and the rest three are the subsystems. The subsystem 1 consists of soil moisture monitoring control, and water pressure sensing along with pump set and vibration alert sensor for motion monitor in and around the related field.